Where LED Lights Best Help Law Enforcement

Advancements in non-lethal force weapons and crowd control tools have created a new wave of police tactical equipment used to help with crowd control, street mobs and one-on-one chases. These tools are aimed at disarming or controlling people of potential danger without resorting to guns or other violent reactions. LED light sources play a heavy role in these new police weapons. LED or light-emitting diodes are extremely powerful, long-lasting light sources making them perfect for police hand-held tactical torches. These powerful lights are now showing up on the police belts of law enforcement agents, in the trucks of search and rescue crews and on the helmets of firefighters. LED Applications LED tactical torches are a new breed of LED application. When first introduced, LEDs were used for basic lighting functions like on/off indicator lights on electronic devices and small gadgets like keychain lights. As the technology has progressed, the light has been found to have incredible benefits in science as a way to grow indoor plants. As the bulb has been perfect and power consumption reduced significantly, the lights benefit as a rugged, long-lasting handheld flashlight or torch are fully coming to fruition. LED Benefits LED lights provide significant practical benefits over traditional lights. ** LED light bulbs put out a much brighter more powerful light. ** They produce more light per watt than an incandescent bulb making it one of the most efficient lights available and perfect for hand-held, city and home applications. ** Because of their solid state components, LEDs are the most durable bulb available, practically indestructible by external shock. ** LEDs can last anywhere from 35,000 to 50,000 hours, up to five times longer than a fluorescent bulb. ** Their efficiency and long-life make them a cost effective option over the long-term. Tactical Uses for LED The most commonly used LED is the torch or handheld light. LED torches run circles around traditional law enforcement flashlights. The strength of an LED light beam enables police officers to search dark areas with a farther reaching and brighter light. This provides more safety to the officer. Some handheld tactical torches also offer a focus setting which allows officers to expand the scope of the bright beam wider to see more or to focus that beam to pinpoint light farther. This can be very helpful for police officers chasing or looking for suspects. These tactical torches are also more durable allowing them to be used in rougher conditions like search and rescue activities. High-frequency flashing LEDs are starting to be looked at as a non-violent crowd control. Known as a strobing tactical torch, or LED incapacitator, this device uses a series of super bright pulses, strobes, light frequencies, and colors to confuse and disorient a mob or attacker. Test trials have shown these devices to be very effective. The LED incapacitator may soon be as common a non-lethal weapon as tear gas, pepper spray or Tasers. Tactical torches in their infancy were available only to law enforcement officers, firefighters and other service groups. Today, the same durability and functionality of those lights is available to anyone. Avid hunters and hikers like the tactical lights because they can take a beating and last a long time – great in case you are out on long hunts or hikes. These lights are also compact making them great to pack with you.

Keys To Getting The Law Enforcement Job You Want

These days, when uncertain economic times are putting many careers in doubt, an increasing number of people are looking to work in law enforcement. And there are very good reasons for this. As many industries have shrunk, North American communities have steadily increased their budgets for law enforcement. Police officers now enjoy better pay and often outstanding benefits. Even more important, being a police officer gives you an opportunity to improve life in your community in very direct and concrete ways. Police work can be challenging and even dangerous at times, yet few occupations are as rewarding. With the many positive benefits to working in law enforcement, a growing supply of qualified people are now vying for every opening. I’ve seen cases where 500 people are applying for every one job opening. It’s now increasingly rare for anyone to merely “walk” into a police job. You must not only pass, but do well on the Police Entrance Exam. This is an aptitude test much like exams other industries require applicants to take. Your score on the test will usually determine your chances of getting the job. Score well, and you may be hired immediately. A lower score will probably mean you have to wait, maybe even taking the exam again. Most people wind up doing poorly on the test because they assume since it’s an aptitude test, you can’t prepare for it. But just like studying for the SAT or ACT college entrance exams, successful law enforcement applicants use “score boosting” strategies to get high marks on the police exam. You can actually study the questions typically used on police exams, so you will already know the answers to most of the questions on the test. There are also simple strategies for doing well on the physical exam most police departments require. You can also learn how to answer questions wisely in job interviews, and learn about the pitfalls that doom most applicants. Police work could be exactly what you should be doing. Don’t let the entrance requirements and competition keep you from achieving your dream of being a police offer. Preparing for and doing well on the Police Entrance Exams will greatly improve your chances of speedy success.

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Criminal Justice Employment Opportunities: Help Fight Against Enemy Dangers By Having A Criminal Justice Career

Fairly recently our country experienced a greater dependence on criminal justice and homeland safety professionals. Following September 11, 2001, increased security at federal complexes, and state level and city government agencies have established a massive surge in criminal justice and homeland security career options.

The primary job connected with homeland safety workers is to prevent enemy activities within the U.S. Created after the September 11 attacks and set up in early 2003, the Department of Homeland Security is accountable for national boundaries and transportation stability, emergency readiness, information evaluation, and national infrastructure stability.

A Threatening World Leads to Career Opportunities

Responding to the dependence on more qualified people, online and campus higher education diploma programs have attended to this requirement and currently offer criminal justice diplomas and homeland safety degrees.

The marketplace is right for individuals wanting to make a career adjustment to the challenging service of criminal justice. Criminal justice careers offer a wide spectrum of work options and the field is growing each day.

The job choices in these fields have gone up in numbers, as have their salaries. You will discover many jobs to consider with the pursuit of a criminal justice degree.

Federal Government Administration Roles

Transportation Security Administration is one – a quickly developing sector where the worker needs are growing rapidly. These kinds of employment opportunities do not need a college diploma, though having one assists in career placement.

The only solution to enhance your position in this industry however, is to possess an associate’s degree or better. As outlined by the Bureau of Labor statistics, the average beginning pay is a bit beneath $40k.

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security hires agents for U.S. law administration. These occupations definitely involve a college education. Beginning incomes are in the $32,000 range and could be as high as $46,000. The total amount may differ according to training, the type of work given, and a person’s degree of working experience.

Specifications and Pay

Law enforcement careers at the state and federal government level normally have to have a college degree. The average salary in this sector of criminal justice is somewhat more than $50,000. Local law enforcement agencies do not generally demand college diplomas; nevertheless the prospect of pay increases is seriously limited for people who have not earned one.

Criminal Justice and Technological know-how

The progress of technology used in criminal justice and homeland safety measures has even led to a niche for specially educated staff. Trained workers are important for the fight against both computer and biological risks to our nation.

In this discipline of high specialization, a college diploma is not always adequate. A candidate will need specialized instruction in addition to a higher education degree to meet the requirements for these fields. Continuing schooling is essential to earning promotions in criminal justice in addition to various other professions.

The regrettable ongoing international risks in opposition to the USA will continue to keep the growth rate of criminal justice occupations and homeland safety constant. Aided by the right training for your desired work, you will be competent to assist your local community and the country in a job of criminal justice.

Crime Fighting Computer Systems And Databases

As crime globalizes, so does crime fighting. Mobsters, serial killers, and terrorists cross state lines and borders effortlessly, making use of the latest advances in mass media, public transportation, telecommunications, and computer networks. The police – there are 16,000 law enforcement agencies in the Unites States alone – is never very far behind.

Quotes from the official Web pages of some of these databases:

National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC)

Its mission is to combine investigative and operational support functions, research, and training in order to provide assistance, without charge, to federal, state, local, and foreign law enforcement agencies investigating unusual or repetitive violent crimes. The NCAVC also provides support through expertise and consultation in non-violent matters such as national security, corruption, and white-collar crime investigations.

It comprises the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), Child Abduction and Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center (CASMIRC), and Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP).

VICAP is a nationwide data information center designed to collect, collate, and analyze crimes of violence – specifically murder. It collates and analyzes the significant characteristics of all murders, and other violent offenses.

Homicide Investigation Tracking System (HITS)

A program within the Washington state’s Attorney General’s Office that tracks and investigates homicides and rapes.

Violent Crime Linkage System (ViCLAS)

Canada-wide computer system that assists specially trained investigators to identify serial crimes and criminals by focusing on the linkages that exist among crimes by the same offender. This system was developed by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in the early 1990s.

UTAP, stands for The Utah Criminal Tracking and Analysis Project

Gathers experts from forensic science, crime scene analysis, psychiatry and other fields to screen unsolved cases for local law enforcement agencies.

International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) – Interpol’s DNA Gateway

Provides for the transfer of profile data between two or more countries and for the comparison of profiles that conform to Interpol standards in a centralized database. Investigators can access the database via their Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB) using Interpol’s secure global police communications system, I-24/7.

Interpol’s I-24/7

Global communication system to connect its member countries and provide them with user-friendly access to police information. Using this system, Interpol National Central Bureaus (NCBs) can search and cross-check data in a matter of seconds, with direct and immediate access to databases containing critical information (ASF Nominal database of international criminals, electronic notices, stolen motor vehicles, stolen/lost/counterfeit travel and ID documents, stolen works of art, payment cards, fingerprints and photographs, a terrorism watch list, a DNA database, disaster victim identification, international weapons tracking and trafficking in human beings-related information, etc).

Interpol Fingerprints

Provides information on the development and implementation of fingerprinting systems for the general public and international law enforcement entities.

Europol (European Union’s criminal intelligence agency) Computer System (TECS)

Member States can directly input data into the information system in compliance with their national procedures, and Europol can directly input data supplied by non EU Member States and third bodies. Also provides analyses and indexing services.

Gps Tracking Takes A Draconian Turn Thanks To Us Court Decision

Imagine a society where law enforcement authorities have free reign in listening to people’s conversations, watching every move, and recording where and when a person goes to – without any knowledge they are being monitored and tracked at all. Sounds eerie, doesn’t it? Well, this draconic ‘Big Brother’ scenario might not be a remote possibility right now following a recent decision by the California Federal Court of Appeals to uphold unwarranted use of GPS tracking devices by federal agents on a drug conviction case.

The defendant in question was Juan Pineda-Moreno was convicted of drug trafficking after federal agents allegedly placed hidden GPS trackers on his Jeep even without an issued search warrant to do so. Pineda-Moreno appealed to the Federal Court but was rejected on grounds that the agents placed these GPS tracking devices when the vehicle was on public property.

Why should you, an ordinary law-abiding citizen, be concerned about developments from this seemingly isolated case? For one thing, this incident is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution — the only firewall people have against warrantless use of GPS tracking devices by police, federal agents and other government authorities.

What this simply means for you is that the police cannot just go out and place any type of hidden tracker on your vehicle or property without a warrant or without you knowing about it. Imagine the implications it would have on you should law enforcement officials or private investigators have free access to your vehicles just because it was parked on public property. That would be a total invasion of your privacy, a thing that many people are trying to protect in a world where spy-like tools are available in the market – and at wholesale prices!

The only way to combat technology is to counter it with the same technology – through the use of GPS jammers. Whether the courts uphold the 4th Amendment or not in relation to the use of warrantless GPS tracking devices nothing can stop a person from ordering and buying a GPS tracker, throw it into your car, then track and record where you are going – all without your knowledge.

Although the purchase of GPS jammers is still restricted within the United States, anyone can order these devices from international wholesale suppliers and get them the next day. However, you should practice discretion if you should decide on importing a GPS jammer from one of these international wholesalers. It would be best to learn any stipulations or restrictions in your own locality – before making any decision to purchase.

In the meantime, civic rights groups continue their appeal on US courts to totally reject unwarranted use of GPS tracking devices by private parties and law enforcement agencies. They are very adamant in restricting use of GPS tracking devices by law enforcement authorities to track people only after obtaining a valid search warrant for a judge.

The Best Tips To Become A Police Officer

Job security is at the top of the list of any individual or family member in order to achieve peace of mind in this age of uncertainty. A secure job provides an individual and their family a stable and reliable income that will assist in the current up and down nature of the global economy. A career in law enforcement can offer the stability of a reliable job and produce greater rewards beyond financial gain. When a person becomes a United Kingdom Police Officer they are becoming a symbol of justice and a pillar in the community which they protect.

With a job available to people in law enforcement, the question arises how to become a police officer. The first step in deciding if a career in law enforcement is right for you is with a self evaluation. When an individual steps up to the role of community protector there is a certain requirement for personal sacrifice for your country and your community. Some of the key personality characteristics associated with police officers are confidence in yourself and the ability to display respect to others. The best way to discover how to become a police officer is by taking a careful look at who you are and what you represent as an individual. A moral individual who shows respect for others and has the confidence to assert themselves are some of the important features necessary in deciding how to become a police officer.

On the road to discover how to become a police officer applying to the position is the next step following a successful self assessment. Remember that when you start the process of applying to a law enforcement position that the recruitment procedure is created to weed out the weak and uplift the strong so give it everything you have. The completion of the application is the first step in how to become a police officer. Remember that honesty is key and modesty will only harm your chances so detail all that you can offer the police agency. With the acceptance of your application the next step in how to become a police officer involves an extensive assessment. The police assessment is a collection of verbal, written and interactive exams that tests the individual’s intelligence and ability to interpret data. This exam is a standardized exam with all forty-three agencies in England and Whales so help is available to those who truly desire to pass the assessment. The final step related to how to become a police officer is an assessment of your financial and security history being reviewed along with your medical history. The final part of this phase will incorporate a physical exam that will test your abilities in relation to real world circumstances.

There is a great deal of work required in how to become a police officer but the rewards will be great. Along with the financial stability associated with being a UK Police Officer, there is a sense of personal pride as you protect your community.

ONLINE EDUCATION (Master of Science of Justice in Law Enforcement Organizations)

Throughout your career in law enforcement, you’ve seen opportunities to do things better. Put yourself in a position to make change happen by earning a Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security with a concentration in Law Enforcement. Gain the skills you need to manage critical incidents, intelligence, cybercrime and technology while getting a foundation in criminology.

The Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security degree provides the required knowledge for the student to develop competence in administering criminal justice or security programs. While distinctions between the roles of justice and security organizations are understood, the degree emphasizes an understanding of administrative responsibilities common to both disciplines. The value of cooperative interaction is also addressed. The degree provides the student with administrative program development and problem-solving skills in preparation for promotional or transitional opportunities in the management of police, corrections, security or court operations. Students will also select a concentration to complement their area of interest.

The Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security degree program offers concentrations in Global and Homeland Security and in Law Enforcement Organizations.
The Law Enforcement Organizations concentration provides students with the general knowledge needed to perform in supervisory, administrative and executive roles within law enforcement organizations. The concentration emphasizes intelligence operations, organizational behavior, budgeting, planning, and technology.

The Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security degree provides the required knowledge for the student to develop competence in administering criminal justice or security programs. While distinctions between the roles of justice and security organizations are understood, the degree emphasizes an understanding of administrative responsibilities common to both disciplines. The value of cooperative interaction is also addressed. The degree provides the student with administrative program development and problem solving skills in preparation for promotional or transitional opportunities in the management of police, corrections, security or court operations.

Throughout your career in law enforcement, you’ve seen opportunities to do things better. Put yourself in a position to make change happen by earning a Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security with a concentration in Law Enforcement. Gain the skills you need to manage critical incidents, intelligence, cybercrime and technology while getting a foundation in criminology.

What you’ll learn

The Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security degree provides the required knowledge for the student to develop competence in administering criminal justice or security programs. While distinctions between the roles of justice and security organizations are understood, the degree emphasizes an understanding of administrative responsibilities common to both disciplines. The value of cooperative interaction is also addressed. The degree provides the student with administrative program development and problem solving skills in preparation for promotional or transitional opportunities in the management of police, corrections, security or court operations.
The influence of technology and the changing face of crime have magnified the need for criminal justice specialists. Online master’s degree in Criminal Justice program offers you an accelerated curriculum designed to meet the growing need for professionals in this high-demand field.

Earn your Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree and become a part of a learning community of criminal justice experts who will provide knowledge about the law enforcement, correctional, political, and legal arenas. Our Criminal Justice classes utilize the same concepts taught at our campus locations, while providing you with the convenience of attending class online, anytime of day or night.

Graduates of our Criminal Justice master’s degree program are prepared for entry-level management, administrative, research, and teaching positions as well as for enhancing their career potential within existing law enforcement, correctional, local and state government, and legal institutions.
In a master’s degree program in Law Enforcement and Police Science, you will learn how to work in a police laboratory and secure a crime scene. Your career will be demanding and rewarding. You will be responsible for following legal procedures and enforcing the law.
A master’s degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science will help you attain promotions within law enforcement. This program will teach students lab forensics, including fingerprinting, blood splatters and hand writing analysis. Graduates will promote security at crime scenes and preserve evidence that they have retrieved from those crime scenes.
Typical Coursework
Though coursework will vary depending on the college you choose, common areas of study in master’s degree programs include:
Community Relations
Family Violence
Procedural Criminal Law
· Online graduate programs teach you how to integrate the response functions of emergency medicine, public safety, disaster preparedness and firefighting with law enforcement. You can also learn how law enforcement organizations acquire, assess and utilize the intelligence required to fight crime.
· Regardless of what type of online program you pursue, you can expect to complete general courses that discuss the sociology, history and politics of the criminal justice system. Other coursework will cover specialized law enforcement tasks and procedures related to certain types of offenses, such as terrorist acts, white collar crime, juvenile offenses, property crime and violent crime. While studying these concerns, you’ll also learn about criminology theories, research methods, applied statistics and forensic science.
· To understand the overall framework of law enforcement, you’ll take online classes that teach you about the court system, criminal law and due process. You’ll apply this understanding to the study of criminal justice administration, crime prevention and correctional facility effectiveness.

If you’re looking for an online graduate program in law enforcement, you can earn a Master of Arts in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration or a Master of Arts in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis. Related programs that include law enforcement instruction award Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Master of Criminal Justice and Master of Science in Criminal Justice Studies degrees.

If you have a law enforcement or criminal justice background, an online graduate program can prepare you for leadership positions in public safety, law enforcement intelligence or criminal justice. A graduate degree can also help you pursue consulting or analyst positions in nonprofit and government organizations. These include interdisciplinary positions created to coordinate or analyze law enforcement and emergency response among several different types of agencies.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins to Boost Morale

Law enforcement, the job of ensuring that people obey the law is one of the most challenging jobs to perform. Members engaged in law enforcement do a lot to keep our world safe and they literally deserve the rewards for their commitment and selfless services. Soldiers serving the air force, police, marines, navy and army put their life on the line to fight with the criminals and terrorists. It is a must to understand how hard our law enforcement officers work, and when it comes to commemorating the services offered by these saviors, nothing can be better than law enforcement challenge coins. These coins are used as the token of their years of dedication and at the same time, these special coins motivates other unit members to perform or do their job exquisitely while giving their best always.

For centuries, these coins and medals are given to the law enforcement officers to honor the great achievements and prove that their services are appreciated. The challenge coins can be ordered in various types of metals including copper, nickel, brass, bronze, silver, gold and so on. Law enforcement agencies or organizations can also order custom challenge coins. While ordering custom challenge coins, individuals are completely free to decide the type of metal, its shape and size along with the logo and name of the organizations or a message to be engraved on the challenge coins.

Law enforcement challenge coins play a significant role in life of a recipient. Getting the coin is a pride, it allows officers to showcase the solidarity to their fellow officers and near and dear ones. In addition, enforcement officers can store these coins to recall the numerous memories collected while on the job. A little coin can significantly enhance the morale of an officer and challenge coins are considered personal, intimate gifts that will mean a lot to the recipient.

Individuals working in any law enforcement agency or organization and searching for the best challenge coins can do some Internet research to locate the best company or source that offers the widest range of challenge coins at affordable prices. Moreover, the company should also specialize in manufacturing custom challenge coins according to your specific needs. As the Internet technology has advanced, now orders can be placed online with total ease.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins: A Token of Genuine Respect for Noble Services

Maintaining law and order in the society, keeping the crime rate in proper check and ensuring peace in society are some of the major responsibilities handled by police and military forces. They serve their society and its people with full devotion and heart, and thus, their noble deed deserve to get honored and admired. A beautiful way to express gratitude and appreciate their services is to honor them with law enforcement challenge coins that can stay with them as a token of appreciation for lifetime. Though, there are several such other means to reward them like certifications, medals, lapel pins and trophies, but rewarding them with law enforcements challenge coins is the best way to show genuine admiration and respect. Being rewarded with law enforcement challenge coins will inspire the policemen to keep up the good work and maintain the dignity of their department and nation.

It is policemen and military who strive hard to keep the nation safe and people secure, their courage, activeness and devotion towards the country is appreciable. A challenge coin is a perfect way to boost up their morale, and acts as a source of motivation to continue the quality performance for all coming years. It is possible to get your challenge coins designed as per your need and choice. Challenge Coins comes in variety of forms and sizes that are easily accessible at different coin manufacturers. Most of these coins have silver, gold, and bronze finishes as well. You can order coin in any size matching your specified budgets and needs. These coins are fabricated and designed by efficient and skilled designers. Quality product is served to the clients that can be presented to the deserving performers for their bravery and dedicated efforts.

The idea of gifting customized law enforcement challenge coins is getting highly popular these days. Various departments and units of police are gifting these coins to their star performers and dedicated staff as a mark of true respect and to build a better bond between the authority and members of the department.The challenge coins are basically a symbol of showing any kind of achievement or triumph. These coins are the significant display of pride and honor. The excellent and noble services of policemen deserves a meaningful and dignified token of respect, and thus, gifting them law enforcement challenge coins is the perfect way to show genuine gratitude and respect their high worth in the society.